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More time for the real work

We’re paper specialists who deliver more than just reels and sheets: We aim to lighten the load of your daily paper management. Which gives you more time for the important things in your business.

What we do:

  • Support the best selection of paper qualities
  • Help with end user job specifications
  • Delivery, stocking and warehouse administration
  • Checking on the paper grades fitness for purpose
  • Consulting with end user at their request

We aim to mediate between our customers, their needs and the network of manufacturers we work with. It is a key objective to nurture and maintain excellent working relationships and strive for long-term solutions and partnerships.
At Kepner Paper we have pursued this approach since we where founded in 1996 and been able establish a solid position in the European paper market, with our main sales in Germany. Our employees take care of paper management tasks and supporting the customers on a daily basis.

With that approach, since Kepner Paper was founded in 1996 we have been able establish the best position in the European paper market and our main sales area in Germany. Our employees are taking care of the paper management and supporting our customers on a daily basis.

Reels, sheets and specialist papers

We offer top qualities from most of the key paper manufacturers. FSC® and/or PEFC certified grades are often supplied.

Looking for FSC® certified products.



Newsprint, SC, Recycled, LWC, MWC and Woodfree coated and uncoated qualities.

From board qualities to lightweight papers for packing slips.

Special Paper
For example: one side coated paper, Blueback, Cast-Coated, SBS or GD carton board, labels and self-adhesive paper.



Delivery, availability and stock management

Flexibility from single palettes to truck loads

We work with established shipping companies who use telemetry and communication technology to track deliveries. We have the right solution for any delivery requirement: from JOLODA-Systems or other special loading forms, to loading and delivering by rail or RO-RO–systems.

We provide a carefully managed, stock availability and warehouse administration system.

We take care of product sourcing and order scheduling for our customers and monitor supply security and availability, but also cost effective stocks in the system where necessary.

We hope we have inspired you with our paper and paper management services and would be delighted to respond to any enquiry you may have.

Phone: + 49 7261 94971-00


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